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Termite Control | Brandon Florida | Hillsborough County

According to statistics, termites cost homeowners billions of damage annually.  Termites mainly feed on hardwood and are known to damage insulation; filtration systems, pool liners and they can even damage books and other paper products. 

When purchasing or selling a house, the severity of termite infestation is a major deciding factor for a buyer.  Discovering that one of your biggest assets - your house - is infested with termites can be very disheartening.  Termite infestation can go unnoticed for several years. They tend to hide in floor coverings, insulation and behind walls.  Most homeowners never see visible signs that their homes are actually infested with termites. 

Many homeowners have attempted to rid of their termite problem on their own. However, it takes the skilled eye of a professional home inspector to detect infestation. At Pest Control, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to eliminate your termite dilemma. Here are two common termites that are common in Florida.

Subterranean Termites
In Florida, Subterranean Termites has caused serious damage to homes. Subterranean termites often come in droves during the spring.  Inside the home is not the only place that can be infested with termites.  One way to tell if your home is infested with termites is if you find “mud tubes” around the foundation of a house or even inside the house.

Drywood Termites 
This type of termite tends to swarm around mid-winter to late spring.  Drywood termites can be found in un-decayed wood and can cause damage to furniture. Drywood is common in Florida as well as Virginia, Northern California, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Coast.

At Pest Control, one of our trained workers will fumigate your home by applying a repellent to the foundation of the home. The chemical is basically placed in sections where termites normally enter. In addition, we handle bait and monitoring systems. During your termite inspection, we will determine the most effective treatment for your home.  For consultation and a quote, call or contact us today!


Our Pest Control & Exterminator service currently serves clients in but, not limited the following areas: Brandon, Mango, Valrico, Dover, Seffner, Bloomingdale, Riverview, Thonotosassa, Lithia, Fishhawk Ranch, Apollo Beach, Mulberry, Bartow, Ruskin and Hillsborough & Polk County.


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